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Highly trained local private investigators that are dedicated to getting you all the information you need! Resolving commercial, legal and regulatory matters effectively, discretely and professionally for the past twenty years. We are private investigators you can trust and the number one choice for businesses!

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Why Hire Private Investigators?

A professional private investigator is a great asset for anyone in need of information. Here at Expert Investigations, we are all ex-police detectives with a speciality in evidence gathering. From dishonest employees to digital forensics, our services can provide a comprehensive investigation that will reveal the information you require.

Our private investigators can carry out surveillance, take statements or interviews, conduct covert vehicle tracking, produce trace and asset reports, carry out process serving and even computer examinations. No matter what you need, our private investigation company has the required skills and experience to get the job done. From undercover detective work with fraud investigations, breach of contracts and private matters, Expert Investigations can get you exactly what you need.

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What To Expect From Our Private Investigation Services

We have a dedicated team of expert private investigators that are experienced in working with both private clients and business clients alike. We understand that the information we deal with is private and confidential; hence, we always keep our services professional and diligent. Our understanding of the legal system means you can rest assured that everything is done by the book. From employment investigations to private investigations, everything is treated with the utmost privacy and importance.

As a result, you can expect our team of highly trained private investigators to provide an excellent service that provides the professional standards you deserve.

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Services Offered By Expert Investigations

We offer comprehensive investigative capabilities, including nationwide surveillance and observations, computer forensics and general investigations, supporting businesses and legal professionals across all disciplines.

As we mentioned, our local private investigators in the West Midlands and East Midlands are all experts at what they do, and we have a range of different services to help with various needs. Some cases, depending on the job, need a various range of these services to get the necessary evidence; however, here is a breakdown of the tactics we use to get the information you need.

Covert Surveillance

The most standard procedure people imagine when they think of a private investigator is surveillance, while there is a lot more to private investigation, surveillance is still a very effective method of acquiring information. Being able to place an individual in a certain area at a certain time can be the evidence you need for your case. Covert surveillance can make that happen.

Our private investigators know the local area well and can track individuals effectively to get the job done. This is a great service for acquiring personal information, competitor intelligence, theft investigations, and much more.

Digital Forensics Investigation

In the modern world, a lot of information can now be found online and on personal electronic devices. Here at Expert Investigations, we understand the importance of digital spaces in modern private investigation work. As a result, we have experts in electronic surveillance and computer investigations that know how to extract evidence from modern devices.

If you believe that an employee is being dishonest and potentially doing something that could be harmful to your business, then electronic surveillance and investigations can reveal a lot of information that could help you.

Our expert team can work around most electronic surveillance counter measures, but you would be surprised how little protection people have on their computers! Therefore, an investigation into a computer can reveal a lot of valuable information.

Covert Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is another key tool for private investigation services. Essentially an extension of physical surveillance; however, sometimes all you need to track is someone’s vehicle. Professional investigators can gather a lot of information by just seeing where an individual goes throughout their day, meaning all you need to watch is their car.

Undercover Employees

If you feel your business is having problems or an employee is treating staff members wrongly, or not following proper procedures, then private investigators can help you to find out the truth. Here at Expert Investigations, we have a method of placing covert staff members inside your business to discover what is really happening. This can help with anything from claims investigations to security services to make sure your business is safe and not liable for any staff misconduct. It is also perfect for detecting workplace theft so you can rest assured that no company property is being mishandled or taken advantage of by employees.

Investigative Interviewing

In any case, statement taking is always a reliable method of investigation. Here at Expert Investigations, our police backgrounds give us the experience necessary to carry out effective evidence gathering. With a combination of other tactics, background checks, surveillance, and other services, statement taking can help bring the case together and offer the final bit of information needed for a case; however, sometimes a good set of interviews is all that is needed for an internal business issue. With our experience in interviewing, we can help build a solid case for an HR team to use in their internal investigations.

Process Serving

A process server is an essential part of any serving. It is an official clarification that the process has begun. Here at Expert Investigations, we are frequently asked to help with carrying out this procedure as our policing background means we know how to professionally and properly serve someone. So you can rest assured that the job has been done properly.

Bug Sweeping

Just as much as we know about tracking people and gathering information, we also understand the importance of making sure it might not happen to you. If your personal security is broken then people could gather information on you that could be used against you in a dishonest way. Our de-bugging skills help reassure you that your private information is safe.

Private detectives are a great resource for de-bugging as they know what is currently on-the-market and are utilised by people looking for information.

Corporate Investigations

As we have touched on in some other aspects of our services information, our private detective services are great for businesses. It can be tricky to run a business and be aware of problems that could be damaging your company name; hence, our services can help detect anything that might be a potential issue within your business. From dishonest employees to internal security issues, we can find a solution to your problem.

Our private detectives are also experienced in legal knowledge to make sure that everything is done properly.

If you have need of any of our services, you can find out more about them from our main services page:

Why Choose Us as your Private Investigator?

Our track record speaks for itself. We have been successful with 1000s of cases over the last 22 years, and our expert team covers skills and fields in all areas of private investigations. So you can rest assured that your problem will be solved professionally and safely when you choose Expert Investigations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Private Investigator?

It entirely depends on the case and what services you require for the job. However, we offer a free consultation service here at Expert Investigations where you receive a half an hour phone call with Dave Kearns, the head of Expert Investigations, and an expert in Private Investigation techniques. So contact us directly to discuss what your case would need and cost today. You can also get more information on the price – How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost

What Information Can A Private Investigator Obtain?

A private investigator can obtain a lot of information. From corporate info to personal information. This means private investigators are a good resource for anything from missing persons to background checks. If you require information, a private detective can help you find it.

Are Private Investigations Legal?

Hiring a Private detective agency is completely legal. Nothing that a detective agency does would be illegal, especially here at Expert Investigations. With our staff having an extensive police background, we can guarantee that we gather intelligence legally and effectively.

An experienced investigator knows that illegally obtained evidence only hinders a case, and they know the importance of gathering evidence correctly. A criminal investigation is completely confidential and all data will be handled appropriately for the case. For more information, call us directly to discuss the details of your case.

How Do I Hire A Private Investigator?

A simple search can find you a private investigator, if you are looking for one in the East Midlands in areas such as Leicester, Derby or Nottingham then get in touch. We also cover the whole of the West Midlands area such as private investigators in Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick, Hereford or Worcester, and Yorkshire areas such as Leeds and Halifax. Our services are also available to those in the London area. Expert Investigations is a perfect choice. Set up a free consultation now to see if we are right for you.

Will The Person Or Company Know That They Are Being Investigated?

This depends on the service you require, but if you wish for the investigation to be covert then that is perfectly within our skillset. Many of the services such as sentry investigations and undercover employee work is covert. Speak to us directly to see how we can work with you.