False absenteeism is a serious issue. While the majority of your workforce may be innocent, all it takes is one dishonest element to create a big problem. Not only as a result of their own actions, but in highlighting the gaps within your business’ defences. If left unchecked, it creates a serious opportunity for other employees to become dishonest as well.

Therefore, you need to swiftly put a stop to false sickness. But how? An excellent option is a covert surveillance operation.

What Is Covert Surveillance?

If you suspect misconduct or foul play in your company, you can’t turn to the police until you have a reasonable cause for investigation. Sometimes you need that initial piece of evidence to push forward with the authorities or internal HR solutions.

Covert Surveillance officers can offer eyewitness evidence, and they can even record or document the issue. Through using covert cameras, mobile surveillance, or vehicle tracking, our intelligence services can provide the information you need.

If the thought of covertly following people seems tricky, that’s because it is. It takes a lot of patience, practice, and experience to conduct a successful surveillance operation.

Is Covert Surveillance Legal?

In accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Regulation of Investigative Powers at Work Act 2000 (RIPA), it is lawful to conduct covert surveillance in the workplace. The Human Rights Act is relevant to Public Authorities and RIPA gives guidance across many sectors of covert surveillance. So, the use of covert surveillance is lawful, but it can easily go wrong if you don’t choose the right investigator to conduct a covert surveillance operation.

This is a very tricky problem in itself. It is believed there are between 4000-5000 private investigators in the UK. There are no exact figures as the industry is unlicenced and unregulated. Anyone can become a covert surveillance investigator.

The evidence in 99% of our investigations has negated the need for a court / tribunal appearance as the evidence has proved the suspicion. This makes Expert Investigations the only choice for your covert surveillance needs. Below is just one such example.

Caught In The Act Of False Absenteeism

This employee is off long term sick from work with a bad back and his employer believes it is false absence. We have placed him under surveillance and caught him developing a property whilst off sick. You can view the surveillance footage for yourself:

With this employee caught in the act, Expert Investigations produced ample evidence to prove his employers’ suspicions of false absenteeism.

Do you suspect an employee of yours is falsely absent from work? Get in touch with Expert Investigations today.