There are many dos and donts when it comes to fraud. The amount of fraud committed in the UK more than doubled to £2.3bn in 2023, marking the second-biggest year for scams in the last two decades, according to the accounting firm BDO’s latest FraudTrack report, which also found that the number of reported cases rose by 18% to a three-year high, and the number of high-value cases over £50m increased by 60% year-on-year in 2023. Half of the high-value frauds were over £200m. We are facing a growing “epidemic of scams”, so there is every reason to be vigilant within your business.

What Does Fraud in the Workplace Look Like?

Our findings indicate that a typical fraudster is:

What Can You Do To Stop It – The Dos and Donts of Fraud

We have put together a few dos and donts when considering fraud, but please be aware that this list is not exhaustive: