Workplace theft is something which affects companies of all sizes – you could be anything from a multimillion pound organisation to a small retailer or petrol station. While it is impossible to know the true extent of workplace theft, recent research has suggested that as many as 1 in 4 employees steal at some point. And theft in the construction industry is a widespread issue.

Construction sites can employ hundreds of people, and while some are employed directly by the contractor, many are employed by subcontractors and suppliers working for the contractor. Sites can also difficult to secure as they can cover large areas and ongoing work can prevent the erection of permanent fencing. Equipment and deliveries are constantly entering and exiting the premises. All these aspects increase the risk of theft happening on a construction site, and make it vital that you take measures to protect your business.

Covert surveillance is becoming a popular service for businesses that need evidence of misconduct but at Expert Investigations we possess a full suite of investigative capabilities. Our team consists of highly trained individuals with extensive police and military backgrounds. We handle pressure well, we know how to find information, and we always conduct our business legally and professionally.

The Fraud Triangle

Take a look back at any court case involving employee dishonesty and you’ll find one thing in common: every single person caught in the act has a rationalisation for stealing. A dishonest employee is very often someone who simply spots an opportunity. And finally, knowing you could steal, and justifying why you should just needs one final push – motivation. Nine times out of ten this is the reason, financial remuneration is the motivation behind employee dishonesty like theft.

Theft in construction is no different. So what can you do about it?

How You Can Protect Your Business From Theft In The Construction Industry

You have probably heard that around 90% of an iceberg lies under the water. The unseen danger. Well that’s good way to think about dishonest employees. Even if you suspect they are there, how can you prove it, and stop it from happening again. Prevent and disrupt dishonest employees before you have to detect them. This can be done using the three tiered approach.

Face Up To Reality

Ignoring potential risks leads to businesses losing thousands of pounds and potentially much more.

Understand Your Weaknesses

This might be how your data is stored or it might be a physical threat, such as a door coded security system that doesn’t work. It might even be where you store your keys and staff passes.

Call In The Experts

Recognising you have a problem is only the first step, you need to know how you can rectify it. There are plenty of things you can do to help yourself but for more complex cases, you’ll need expert advice and an action plan.

Where Do Investigators Like Expert Investigations Fit In?

To be sure that you have successfully detected, disrupted and prevented instances of workplace theft, you need to take initiative. While most people’s instinct on discovering (or suspecting) workplace theft is to call the police, it is almost always the case that calling in specialist investigatory support will guarantee you the timeliest and cost-effective resolution.

Every case of workplace theft is different, and each requires a bespoke investigatory solution. As the UK’s leading commercial investigation agency, our first job is to help you identify the methods most appropriate to your situation.