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What does a digital forensics investigator do? It’s a service that provides a unique tool in an investigators arsenal. Along with many skills and techniques, only a select capable few private investigators have the ability and software computer forensics to help build a case as digital evidence can benefit the discovery of workplace dishonesty and internal issues. When computer forensic investigators have access to a computer system, hard drive, or another digital device, they can uncover a wealth of evidence that can establish theft, fraud, or other problematic criminal behaviours.

A large portion of workplace dishonesty can be discovered through computer forensic procedures, and a computer forensic investigator needs to understand how to gather digital evidence. As a result, many private investigators now have digital forensic experts on their teams to solve these digital issues. By carrying out data recovery on digital devices or through digital monitoring, a digital forensics expert can build an idea of what has happened, how it was done, and who it was done by. Here at Expert Investigations, we have a team of highly trained computer forensics investigators that can investigate misuse of company tech, data, or time.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the role of a digital forensics investigator and what they can achieve through computer forensics tactics. If this sounds like a service you need, then call us today!

What Is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is a method of investigation that examines computer systems to uncover the truth about digital crime or an individual’s behaviour. Computer forensics is the art of uncovering evidence and recording it accurately to build a legally sound case. From recovering lost data to investigating computer attacks, a forensic computer analyst plays an important role in investigations, and computer science and forensic science have already proven themselves to be valuable aspects of evidence gathering for investigation services.

When we use digital devices, we leave a lot of information behind. The sites we visit and the data we have stored on our computers can be important evidence. Digital forensics is simply the investigation of digital devices to find that evidence. More importantly we can find that deleted data.

With modern mobile devices, we are always surfing the internet, storing data, and leaving behind a trail of what we have done. Digital investigations can discover this information.

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What Does a Computer Forensics Investigator Do?

A computer forensics investigator will carry out digital forensic strategies to uncover the truth. They will use forensic tools to find lost or stolen data that could be used as evidence. They can look at hard drives or other digital storage devices to find out information about the case. They can track internet history and computer data to reveal vital information about a crime or workplace issue.

Most importantly, they can help you to build a legally accurate case. Therefore, the evidence can be presented to law enforcement agencies. Presenting digital evidence is now a common part of building a case, and a good digital forensics investigation team will understand how to do this legally and professionally. Here at Expert Investigations, our experienced team understand how to gather evidence that can be presented in a legal setting.

Furthermore, they will not damage any data or digital device. If a digital device is mistreated or data is improperly handled, then you could lose it forever. A digital forensic expert will be able to recover data and evidence without corrupting it. This is something that a forensic analyst prioritises when investigating digital information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team at Expert Investigations have experience as police officers; this means we are experienced in digital crimes and computer forensic methods. As a result, our forensic investigators can uncover digital data, deleted data, and computer behaviour swiftly and professionally. If this sounds like the type of service you require, then call us today.

What Digital Evidence Can They Find?

A digital forensics investigator can find a wealth of evidence on a computer or digital device. They will be able to find:

  • User activity and what websites have been visited
  • Data that has been deleted
  • Call history and contacts

Along with other private investigation services, digital forensics can build a strong case against employee dishonesty and crime.

How Can Digital Forensics Help My Case?

Digital forensics has become increasingly popular in private investigations. If you believe an employee is stealing company data or another person is accessing your computer without permission, then digital forensics can help. Our investigators will be able to find the truth and provide the evidence required to prove the crime. This is a skill and a wealth of experience and specialist software is required. IT support teams will not have the skill or equipment to conduct a forensic examination so they should not try and find it as they may corrupt data and damage, destroy or lose critical evidence.

Is It Legal To Look At A Persons’ Digital Devices?

A digital forensics investigator is unable to hack a personal device. However, especially when it comes to workplace digital crime, most evidence can be obtained via a work computer or storage device, which a forensics specialist can examine. If you are concerned about someone’s online activity or you think they are carrying out illegal activity, then you should contact an expert for help. Here at Expert Investigations, we handle every aspect of our investigation legally, so your evidence is always able to be used in a court of legal setting.

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