From surveillance to statement taking, the role of a private investigator can vary depending on the needs of the investigation. Often hired for a multitude of reasons, private investigators are there to gather evidence in a professional and accurate way. This evidence can be taken forward to present a legal case or used for internal investigations. Therefore, private investigators often find that their services are mostly required for corporate investigations and internal business practices.

A corporate investigator can be a private investigator that specialises in corporate crime and helps to gather evidence of wrongful business practices, employee misconduct, and much more. In this article, we are going to take a look at the role of a corporate investigator as we answer the question, what is a corporate investigator?

Why Would A Corporate Investigator Be Needed?

If you run a company or oversee a team of employees, keeping track of what is happening and how staff members are treating company time, property, and other staff members can be tricky. Staying on top of your own tasks whilst overseeing the behaviour of other members in the corporate environment is hard. When you suspect something is wrong, dedicating the time needed to properly investigate the issue and to find proof of the problem is even harder.

Without a corporate investigation into possible employee misconduct, you risk the company losing money or worse. Employees could be stealing from the company, taking advantage of the business, or breaking their contract in a number of ways that ultimately harm your business. From fraud to wasting company time, these issues take time to investigate, which is why many companies hire a corporate investigator.

A corporate investigator saves you time and makes sure you have accurate evidence to approach the individuals involved. This means your business can continue to operate effectively without the worry of employees taking advantage of you and the company.

Do You Have Need For A Corporate Investigator?

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What Can A Corporate Investigator Help With?

Corporate investigator jobs vary, and the services required can change from case to case; however, you will see a common range of situations and services that are more typical for corporate investigators.

Standard Corporate Monitoring Services

Computer surveillance, vehicle surveillance, and individual surveillance are all typical types of monitoring that a corporate investigator might use. Video footage that can show the crime happening or place an individual at the scene of the crime is very valuable for internal investigations. Conducting surveillance can help to establish ongoing issues such as persistent theft and employee misconduct.

Statement Taking/Interviewing

If an issue has taken place, and it involves individuals from the workplace, interviews can help to build a better picture of what happened. Corporate investigators will establish the facts through a range of interviewing techniques. Our team at Expert Investigations is built around people with experience in the police, meaning we know how to word questions to find the truth and how to work around possible lies and misinformation.

Conducting investigations is easy when you know how to approach them, which is why corporate investigators are so important. You only have one chance to get a lot of the information, so interviews need to be done properly.

How to Use An Investigator to Protect Against Fraud

Corporate investigators are great at understanding corporate structures and business practices and can carry out a corporate investigation with little disruption to your workplace and workflow. An investigation of accounting records and financial statements can help to uncover possible fraud, and you can also hire specific financial investigators who will be able to uncover fraud issues. However, a standard private investigator will have good skills for finding evidence of fraud. With an investigation into your internal operations, they will be able to spot anything that is not right.

Benefits Of A Corporate Investigator

A corporate investigator can stop intellectual property theft, fraud, misbehaviour, and other issues that could be causing your business to lose money. Gathering information on your business and business partners so you know what is going on when you are not there. This could save your company time, money, and resources. Dishonest employees can be a huge liability for your reputation and service, so solving the issue quickly and properly is very important.

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The Legality Of A Corporate Investigator

All corporate investigators work legally and professionally. They are not there to offer legal advice or criminal justice; however, they can provide you with accurate evidence that is able to be presented in a legal setting or for internal investigations.

How To Hire A Corporate Investigator?

When searching for a corporate investigator, make sure to ask and see if they have experience in that sector. This is not a cheap service, so you want to make sure that the company you are hiring can carry out the work. For private investigators in London, and the surrounding areas, call our team today. Expert Investigations has to experience in a range of corporate sectors. With a team built of ex-policemen, we have skills and experiences that other teams may not have, meaning we can work effectively and professionally to gather evidence quickly.

Why Hire Expert Investigations As Your Corporate Investigator?

With a team of expert investigators that have a background in police work, our team offers a professional experience that is not easily found with other firms. No matter what the situation is, our team can find you the evidence you need. Offering a range of services, our team has the skills and techniques needed to provide accurate and reliable evidence.

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