After 19 years, our process serving operations are now a well-oiled machine. Our customer service and delivery of that service is second to none.

Clients come to us because we manage their expectations and do what a process server should: in the exact manner the client instructs.

Anyone can serve a document on an individual or company. Serving them in a way that the client is happy with and dealing with any difficulties that may arise is a job for an expert.

What Kind of Documents Can Be Served?

Documents served often include:

What Is Process Serving Like With Expert Investigations?

To our clients we supply a range of services, which include:

It is not uncommon for us to have 10 to 20 boxes of documents couriered to our office for service at multiple locations by midnight the same day.

It is not uncommon for us to be serving documents all around the world in accordance with the rules of service in that country or location.

It is not uncommon for us to receive bulk serves such as serving 400 residents in an accommodation complex.

We have over 300 process servers. As a company, we are fully GDPR compliant and have Professional Indemnity insurance. Our clients are guaranteed the highest quality of lawful service of documents in whatever manner they require.

What Should A Process Server Do For You?

In simplistic terms, a process server should serve your documents in the exact manner you’ve asked them. Many of these process serves will be routine. But on a daily basis we receive serves that are more awkward to carry out.

In What Ways Can A Serve Be Difficult?

There are many, from:

And of course, a serve can include all these elements at once.

But This Should Not Concern You, The Client

These are all considerations for the process server. You should expect a smooth and uncomplicated experience. And with the right process server, that is exactly what you will get.

An experienced process server can ease a difficult serve by keeping their client informed. The client might also need advising on the current state of the serve and, if there are difficulties, how the process server intends to resolve them.

In 19 years’ experience, we have heard clients say of other process servers that they never know when a document has been served. They don’t know if the process server has even received the papers. They have to chase the process server for their certificate of service documentation.

None of this creates a good customer experience.

We Believe We’re The Right Choice For Your Process Serving Needs

We have a simple approach which has served our clients well. We serve every single day all around the country with routine, bulk, and co-ordinated serves. We can even serve internationally if you require. We will:

  1. ease the burden for the client
  2. manage their expectations at all times
  3. acknowledge receipt of the documents on arrival
  4. serve immediately
  5. keep the client updated regarding the current position of the serve, especially upon completion
  6. complete the documentation immediately and scan to the client with the original following in the post
  7. a detailed correct document of service
  8. if extra work is required, send an invoice for the agreed amount with no additional unauthorised add-on expenses

Why Is GDPR So Important In Process Serving?

If such a small volume of investigators have Professional Indemnity insurance then you can guarantee even less will NOT be GDPR compliant. As a minimum for GDPR compliance a process server will at least have to be cyber essentials registered which will cost £2000 and then there is further cost for compliance.

But GDPR is vital in the service of documents, whether instructed by a commercial or legal client. In brief a client is handing vital, sensitive information concerning personal details and information about another person(s) or business activity. The nature of process serving is that the document will most probably be passed from one individual process server in one geographical location to another, who then in turn may pass that document to another individual for service. From instruction that document may have passed through 3 or 4 individuals.

What’s Wrong With That?

Issues arise and sometimes documents are lost, stolen, served on the wrong individuals or served incorrectly in accordance with the client instructions. How are you as a client ensuring that your documents are being secured in the correct manner and only compliant individuals having access to them. When something does go wrong may be the only time you have considered the implication of GDPR compliance but there may be a financial and maybe more importantly a reputational cost for that noncompliance.

Less Than 20% of Process Servers are Believed to be Compliant

Documents are passed from process server to process server with no regard for compliance and it is essential that your process server has GDPR compliance to cover you, their employees and their sub-contractors. Process serving can be urgent with little notice and no time to verify the compliance of a server. Our advice is:

  1. Have approved suppliers and you hold , as a company or legal practise the GDPR and Professional Indemnity Insurance of that individual company or server
  2. For an urgent serve ask for proof of compliance as any decent process server will be able to send you the document proof in minutes. Let’s face it, it is a document held on an easily accessible file, as a decent and reputable firm will be sending the document daily to new clients

Advice For Choosing A Process Server

As a client you need to be concerned about what is happening to your documents, how they are being stored, who are they being given to and how those individuals will protect the integrity of the data in those documents. The consequences can be significant to the individual or organisation issuing the original instruction. Our advice is as follows:

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