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What is a private investigator? A private investigator is someone (or a company) who, independently from police or other law enforcement, gather evidence to confirm or disprove an allegation. This may help to prove a private issue, a criminal issue, and, most commonly, employee dishonesty. This evidence can help build cases that will be used in a criminal or civil court or employment discipline process.

What Does A Private Investigator Actually Do?

Private Investigators are there to gather information, often information that helps prove what somebody is doing. For example, businesses often employ a private investigator to help uncover misconduct, company theft or fraud, or general dishonest behaviour that could cause the company financial or reputational loss.

Many internal issues are not a cause to contact the police and can be dealt with internally; however, proving that an employee is causing issues can be difficult. Professional investigators are there to help identify the issue, who has done it, and how, whilst collating it as evidence that can be used by the company.

A private investigator can conduct surveillance, interviews, background checks, and other legal methods to gather evidence that can be used to deal with the offending employee appropriately.

Now You Know What A Surveillance Investigator Is

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What Powers Do Private Detectives Have?

Private detectives are not connected to the police or any other legal body that can prosecute or arrest individuals. They are there to gather information primarily. However, the services they offer are entirely legal and can be used to help build a case for criminal prosecutions or civil legal redress if that is the end goal that the individual seeks.

Private detectives typically help investigate criminal matters or workplace issues, and their investigation services build evidence against individuals. Through surveillance, interviews, and undercover work, many private investigators can help you discover what is happening in your business.

Here at Expert Investigations, we have worked with a multitude of companies to help them find out about company theft, misuse of time, and other issues that have affected businesses.

Private Detective Services

Here is a rundown of some of the more common services offered by a private investigation team and services that we offer ourselves at Expert Investigations:

Covert Surveillance

A common service utilised by private investigators, covert surveillance allows a private investigator to find out where people go and what they do. If you have, for example, an employee that happens to be stealing company products, then surveillance could easily catch them in the act. While a private investigator will not interfere with the crime, they will capture sufficient evidence to prove the act took place.

It is a simple yet effective method that needs a patient, committed, and skilful private detective to pull off. Our team consists of ex-police officers with years of experience in surveillance, meaning we work efficiently and legally.

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Covert Vehicle Tracking

Private investigators work to find where people are going, what they are doing, and how they are spending their time, which is why they can often find all the information they need by simply tracking a vehicle.

We use tracking devices that allow us to gather evidence on where a vehicle is at all times, which is often used when a business believes that company vehicles are being misused.

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Computer Surveillance

You can gather a lot of evidence from looking at a personal computer. We can find the evidence required with access to an employee’s computer to find out if they are misusing time, committing fraud, or other problematic acts.

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Undercover Staff

A private investigator may also be able to go into a workplace as an undercover member. This way, you can see how staff act and what they are actually doing without having a person present that would encourage them to hide any wrongful behaviour.

This can help discover a multitude of issues and is a great service for anyone looking to see what is actually going on in their business.

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Process Serving

Law firms can often call upon us to legally serve individuals. This is a simple process, but one that must be done correctly. A private detective can often be asked to conduct servings, and it is an easy way to guarantee that a serving has been properly conducted.

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Statement Taking and Interviewing

Statement taking and interviews is a great way to find out inconsistencies in employee accounts. When dealing with fraudulent insurance claims, or other issues, a private investigator can build a case through interviews to gather eye-witness evidence.

For a company that may not have time to investigate a workplace issue, this is a great resource.

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Why Would Someone Hire A Private Investigator?

A private investigator can help people to gather the evidence they need; investigation services can be tailored to fit your needs to help in your case and the requirements for it. A private investigator can carry out background checks, interviews, surveillance, whatever is needed to gather the evidence that is needed.

Many agencies don’t have the experience that is needed to properly conduct investigations; however, here at expert investigations, our team is comprised of private detectives with a background in the police force. This puts us above most private investigators, as we have experience with serious cases and the criminal justice system. Are you looking for a UK private investigator? Expert investigations offer private investigations services across the West Midlands, East Midlands and the UK. Talk to us today!

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