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What Is Surveillance?

A surveillance investigator will capture video surveillance footage, or a form of digital surveillance to collect evidence for the case. Surveillance, in the most simple terms, means observing something or somebody usually motivated by suspicion, in the world of private investigation it is one of the most common services and skills utilised to obtain data.

Most surveillance investigators will closely follow an individual or watch a building or space for a prolonged amount of time until they feel they have an accurate picture of what is happening. Surveillance is used to monitor suspicious activity or suspected problems, most commonly this involves the following of employees to discover if a company is being taken advantage of.

Surveillance investigators will capture video surveillance footage, or a form of digital surveillance to collect evidence for the case. The idea of digital surveillance is a newer form of surveillance, as now a lot of evidence can be acquired from a person’s digital presence; however, physical surveillance is still one of the dominant techniques for private investigators.

It requires great observational skills and a good knowledge of the area, suspect, and possible crimes to conduct the surveillance accurately. Here at Expert Investigations, our employees all have a police background, meaning we have the skills needed to conduct accurate surveillance and monitoring that is reliable and effective.

Surveillance Methods Used By Private Investigators

Surveillance investigators use a variety of techniques to observe an individual or group. The obvious one is video surveillance equipment, a small video camera that doesn’t draw attention to the investigation, or finding a spot where the investigator cannot be seen is essential to acquiring video footage.

What Are The Primary Purposes Of A Surveillance Investigation?

The primary purpose of surveillance investigators is to find evidence. For example, if a company believes that an employee is talking with competition or trading information to competitors, then a surveillance operation can record where individuals are going, what they are doing, and who they are talking to.

With surveillance equipment, strong observational skills, and patience, private investigators can help you to build evidence for your case.

Companies don’t have a lot of time to investigate these matters themselves, and it could make things worse if you carry out an improper investigation, the process you use could make the evidence invalid if it is acquired wrongfully; hence, you should always speak to an expert that can carry out accurate reports to be used in court.

At Expert Investigations, we work with the client to create a bespoke plan of action to obtain evidence properly and effectively.

Now You Know What A Surveillance Investigator Is

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What Can Surveillance Investigators Help Prove?

Most commonly surveillance will be used for collecting evidence involving businesses that are trying to find out if their employees are being honest or not. Professional investigators can be asked to find out if a breach of contract, theft, fraud, or false sickness has or is taking place.

Through video equipment and voice recorders, private investigators have the ability to capture evidence that can place an individual in a location, or catch them in a dishonest act that goes against the client’s contract of employment.

This process can be time-consuming, and will often need other methods such as conducting interviews or other methods that can gather information for the case.

How Can Covert Surveillance Help Your Business?

From insurance fraud to theft, employees can take advantage of a company without them knowing. Companies can struggle to prove if any dishonest behaviour is happening, surveillance investigation tactics can provide close observation on an individual to prove if they are indeed being dishonest.

This can protect a company’s information, it can financially save them money, and it can protect them from exploitation. Hiring a surveillance investigator can help you to find dishonest employees.

How Do You Become A Surveillance Investigator?

A lot of people want to be surveillance investigators, it seems like a glamourous job because of the countless Hollywood glamourisations we see. A lot of companies can offer you training, but surveillance investigator education is not always the best, here at Expert Investigations, our success rate is so high because our staff all have a police background. Hence, if you want to be a good private investigator, and you want to develop the skills to carry out surveillance effectively, then we recommend starting in the police or another form of service such as the military. This can teach you the patience and discipline needed to be an effective surveillance officer, because our officers have had a career in the Police they are fully trained in covert surveillance and evidence gathering at the highest level in the country which cannot be surpassed by someone who is self taught or has been on a week’s private surveillance course.

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