Fraud can be committed in a variety of ways, from falsely obtaining monies via procurement, supplier, customer, ghost workers, expenses and a large range of other fraud activities, including identity fraud. Both the tangible or intangible removal of finances and assets from an organisation are considered fraud. Can you be sure that your employees aren’t acting fraudulently?

Fraud is a growing concern for many industries and the automotive industry is no exception. As vehicles implement more intricate and complex technologies into software and electronic systems, opportunities for fraud also increase with such technological advancement. Identity theft, mileage clock or warranty fraud are all on the rise.

Which means that you need to prevent becoming a statistic before it happens. At Expert Investigations we possess a full suite of investigative capabilities. Our team consists of highly trained individuals with extensive police and military backgrounds. We handle pressure well, we know how to find information, and we always conduct our business legally and professionally.

The Fraud Triangle

Take a look back at any court case involving employee dishonesty and you’ll find one thing in common: every single person caught in the act has a rationalisation for stealing. A dishonest employee is very often someone who simply spots an opportunity. And finally, knowing you could steal, and justifying why you should just needs one final push – motivation. Nine times out of ten this is the reason, financial remuneration is the motivation behind employee dishonesty like theft.

The ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) shows that the most prominent red flag warning indicators of employee dishonesty are:

  1. Living beyond financial means – 43.8%
  2. Financial difficulty – 33%
  3. Unusually close relationship with vendors/suppliers – 21.8%
  4. Wheeler dealer attitude – 18.4%
  5. Divorce & family problems – 16.8%

But once you’ve recognised these red flags, what can organisations do to prevent this?

It’s Time to Act – Combat Fraud In The Automotive Industry Today

A dishonest employee looking to commit fraud can work undetected for an infinite period of time. Often these frauds are only found when the employee has left the business. And if you are vulnerable, then you may have multiple fraudsters acting in your company, all working independently with no knowledge of each other’s criminal behaviour.

We’ve put together some of the dos and don’ts for when it comes to tackling fraud in your business. But as the UK’s leading commercial investigation agency, our first job is to help you identify the methods most appropriate to your situation.