There are many issues worthy of investigation in the healthcare sector, which is why healthcare investigators are so necessary. For over 23 years we have investigated a huge number of cases in this sector. There is a need to gather lawful evidence swiftly and discreetly. This is where we come in. We investigate for a variety of sectors across healthcare, including care in the community, NHS Trusts and local GP surgeries. Issues of theft, fraud, false sickness and neglect of duties / theft of time.

Why Hire Private Investigators?

A professional private investigator is a great asset for anyone in need of information. Here at Expert Investigations, we are all ex-police detectives with a speciality in evidence gathering.

Our private investigators in the education sector can carry out surveillance, take statements or interviews, trace and asset reports, process serving, and even computer examinations. No matter what you need, our private investigation company has the required skills and experience to get the job done.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“I engaged the services of Expert Investigations on behalf of a client to carry out surveillance of an employee following suspicions of possible fraud/malingering from work. The investigation required a discreet, professional and responsive surveillance operation which was delivered by Expert Investigations in every respect. The service was of the highest quality, in respect of its operation, organisation and the quality of the evidence gathered. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave Kearns and his team at Expert Investigations to anyone needing a professional, discreet and quality-focused surveillance/investigation service.”

Rebecca Sawbridge, Partner, Freeths

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Private Investigation Services In The Healthcare Sector

As we mentioned, our local private investigators are all experts at what they do, and we have a range of different services to help with various needs. Some cases, depending on the job, need a various range of these services to get the necessary evidence; however, here is a breakdown of the various tactics we use for our work.

Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

The most sensitive of data is dealt with in the healthcare sector. If your security is broken, then people could gather information that could be used against you in a dishonest way.

Corporate Investigations

From dishonest employees to internal security issues, we can find a solution to your problem. Our private detectives are also experienced in legal knowledge to make sure that everything is done properly.

Covert Surveillance

While there is a lot more to private investigation, surveillance is still a very effective method of acquiring information. Being able to place an individual in a certain area at a certain time can be the evidence you need for your case. Covert surveillance can make that happen.

Digital Forensics

In the modern world, a lot of information can now be found online and on personal electronic devices. Here at Expert Investigations, we understand the importance of digital spaces in modern private investigation work. As a result, we have experts in electronic surveillance and computer investigations that know how to extract evidence from modern devices.

Undercover Employees

We can place covert staff members inside your business to gather evidence. This can help with anything from claims investigations to security services, to make sure your business is safe and not liable for any staff misconduct.

Investigative Interviewing

Statement-taking is always a reliable method of investigation. Here at Expert Investigations, our police backgrounds give us the experience necessary to carry out effective evidence gathering. With our experience in interviewing, we can help build a solid case for an HR team to use in their internal investigations.

Process Serving

A process server is an essential part of any serving. It is an official clarification that the process has begun. Here at Expert Investigations, we are frequently asked to help with carrying out this procedure. Our policing background means we know how to professionally and properly serve someone.

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